Our Vision

“To become the most outstanding Divisional Secretariat in terms of sustainable development and good governance”

Our Mission

“To provide services in line with the government policies for the upliftment of living of people, through a well planned, efficient and sustainable development process along with proper co-ordination of resources and participation of people”

History of Harispattuwa Divisional Secretariat

Harispattuwa is one of the Divisional Secretariats among twenty Divisional Secretariats Divisions in the historical Kandy City in the Kandy District. Harispattuwa Divisional Secretariat is situated within the boundaries of some Divisional Secretariats Divisions; from North East Akurana Divisional Secretariat, North West Poojapitiya Divisional Secretariat, from the West is the Thumpane Divisional Secretariat, from the East Gangawatakorale Divisional Secretariat and Yatinuwara Divisional Secretariat lies in the East South.
Harispattuwa is located West most in the Kandy area and its geographical variation is distributed with an altitude of 477 meters. The part of the area where a few range of mountains are located, accounts for an altitude variation from 475 – 550 meters. As this area is scattered in the wet zone hilly area and also facing the winds throughout the annual rain is expected year around. The amount of change in rain is up to 100-150 mm mainly because of the South Western monsoonal rain. The average annual temperature is about 300 C.
The Mahawali River, the longest river in Sri Lanka, is flowing eastern bordered toward the north, adds beauty to the nature. Far from the city, toward north most flows a one branch river of Mahawali called ‘Piga Oya’. In the Harispattuwa area, several types of soils can be found and the most common is brown Loamy, in normal amounts, brown Latayolic, red and brown Loamy soils and in less amount Humus. The special feature found in soils is that most of the soils are mixed up of different kinds of stones.The total area is around 65 km2 and 16 337 acres land area in it. The normal distribution of each Grama Niladhari Division is 9 km2. Harispattuwa Divisional Secretariat claims to 6% from the total land area in the Kandy district. About 40% of the total land area is composed of hilly mountains.
In Harispattuwa, there are 84 Grama Niladhari divisions and with a total population amounting up to 93, 699; male composition is 45, 255 while the female comprise 48, 444 from the total population. In ethnic wise most of the population is distributed among Sinhalese, that is 80, 006, Tamils 2680, Muslims 10, 825, Burghers 19 and others 169. The major source of living is agriculture in Harispatuwa.  Added to that as it is located nearby Kandy and Katugastota, and also as the Kandy- Kurunegala main road running along the center of this area, the Harispattuwa area takes the form of more or less one that is composed of semi-urban features. As for the main commercial crops Cloves, Nutmeg, Pepper and others, minor export crops are spread around the area. It is not indicative of some industrial based area as far as the Harispattuwa is considered. Thus, this area is of great natural beauty, with a mild climatic, filled with resources and a population comprising almost rural people.

Growth of the Organization

Harispattuwa Divisional Secretariat was established in 1993 under the Circular 21/92. The main aim behind setting up in Divisional Secretariat is to provide more effective and responsible services to the public. Accordingly, there are about 325 Divisional Secretariats were formed in Sri Lanka and Harispatuuwa being on closest Divisional Secretariat to the Kandy city belonging to the Kandy District in the Central Province. There are some places of historical and cultural value scattered around this Divisional Secretariat Division. Harispattuwa also has become the ground of most traditional dancers performing in some of the artistic events in the Kandy Esala Procession. Further, the picture of the dancer imprinted in the Rs. 50 note is also from the Harispattuwa division.The other Divisional Secretariat Divisions located around the Harispattuwa Divisional Secretariat are Gangawatakorale,  Pathadhumbara, Thumpane, Poojapitiya and Akurana. Hrispattuwa is a semi –urban Divisional Secretariat Division. Here, the major occupation is farming. In addition, there are minor crop cultivations apart from paddy farming. Moreover, there are six Samurdhi divisions with the beneficiary base totaling up to around 7.500.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Anura Weeradiwakara 1992.08.01 1994.11.30
Mr. T.P. Jayarathne 1994.12.01 1998.08.14
Mrs. Anoma Polwatta 1998.08.15 2006.01.31
Mr. A.P.W. Ariyawamsa 2006.02.01 2012.08.05
Mr. Pasan Ratnayake 2012.08.07 2017.02.19
Mr.J.M.J.K.Jayasundara 2017.04.19  

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